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1. Dogs of all sizes and breeds are accepted, more than one dog per room can be accommodated.

2. The price per stay is €18/night per dog. This price includes a bed for the dog and bowls for eating and drinking.

3. Dogs can be in all hotel rooms, except in the pool area.

4. Inside the hotel, dogs must be kept on a leash.

5. Animals cannot be left alone in the rooms. We have an outdoor area equipped with a house to be able to leave them for only a few hours.

6. Animals are not allowed to be washed in the bathroom spaces (sinks and showers) or in any other area of the hotel, except in the area expressly indicated for this use.

7. Those responsible for the dogs must collect the feces.

8. Those responsible for the animals will be responsible for any damage that may occur during the stay, both to the furniture and to third parties.

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