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Because we want you to feel at home, our rooms here at Casa Albets are wide and cosy. Maintaining its rustic personality, this traditional masia has been rehabilitated with the latest technology in order to give our hosts comfortand sustainability. Therefore, we offer the highest quality, with the least environmental impact. All rooms in Casa Albets have:


  • Handmade furniture built with oak wood from our own estate, made in Freixenet de Riner.
  • A handmade mattress made with eco-friendly materials: latex, cotton, coco fibre and recycled cotton fibre.
  • Sheets made from eco-friendly materials and designed in Catalunya by Koko Klim.
  • Handmade cushions crafted by an artisan from the Berguedà, Ecomatalasser, who recovers ancient techniques and materials. Ecomatalasser, who recovers ancient techniques and materials.

You will find in every room two different cushions for each host: one stuffed with miraguano –a natural fibre of incredible fluffiness–, the other one, firmer, stuffed with flakes of eco-friendly latex and a mixture of eco-friendly relaxing aromatic herbs which favour sleep. Both cushions are covered by a handsewn cover made from ecological cotton cultivated in Sevilla.

ROOM LA FONT (double with adapted bathroom)

This room’s name honours the fountain of the estate, which is known all over the region for never drying out, not even in periods of exceptional drought. This room preserves its original pavement, which is the oldest of all the first floor, two original fitted wardrobes and several hangers made of turned wood. The fountain room is wide, and it is adapted for wheelchair users. The
bathroom is completely adapted: the shower is wide enough to allow  entrance with a wheelchair, it has a special seat and handles. The sink is also specially designed to allow comfort while washing one’s face, hands or teeth.

  • It has a double bed and a sofa.
  • It measures 26,72 m2.
  • It has a window facing north.


This room takes its name from one of the most memorable places on the estate. We can still find nowadays near the house the lime kilns that were used to produce the lime used in the construction of the masia (country house).

The renovation was done maintaining the original pavement, so we can still see this room’s initial distribution.

  • It has a double bed.
  • The lime kilns room is the biggest room on the first floor, with 26,83 m2.
  • It has two windows, one facing west, the other facing north.


This room takes its name from a house named “La Melosa”, settled in the Albets woods, and nowadays uninhabited. The shape of its old fields can still be perceived in the landscape’s contours. This room is wide and majestic, and it has a tall gabled ceiling.

  • It has a double bed.
  •  It measures 23,76 m2.
  • This room’s window faces north.

ROOM L’HEREU (double with balcony)

In this room have slept and lived the heirs from the Albets family through centuries. The last heir to live there was Ramon Albets Joanxic, father of the current owner. In its bathroom can be found the oldest window of the house, with its plain stone ledge, that shows its antiquity. This room is the one preserving its history the most, regarding both its original distribution and use.

  • It has a double bed.
  • It measures 21,22 m2.
  • It has a balcony with great windows facing the threshing floor of Albets.
  • These great windows give the room exceptional luminosity.

ROOM LA BAUMA (double two beds)

This room’s name honours the origins of the Albets family. According to a legend, told in the family for generations, when the first members of this family came from northern Europe to these lands, they had to take refuge in a rock shelter. There they settled and lived, accommodating it with walls and a door. This primitive house is still visible and well-preserved, which makes it
one of the most interesting spots of all the estate. This room’s windows appropriate disposition allows the light at sunset to enter all over the room, many-coloured.

  • It has two double beds.
  • It measures 33,35 m2.
  • It has two windows, one facing west, the other facing north.

ROOM LES FRAUS (double two beds with bath)

This room’s name refers to one of the most impressive geological elements of the estate: a rock formation eroded by running water through thousands of years. The Albets gorges are exceptionally beautiful on rainy days, due to the sounds of water, running down the bright and colourful rocks: a real sensory experience.

  • It has two double beds.
  • It has an open bathtub integrated into the room.
  • It has a skylight through which you can see the stars lying comfortably in bed.
  • It measures 30,87 m2.
  • It faces north.

ROOM PI GROS (junior suite with bath)

The most notable citizen of the shady side of the Albets estate gives its name to this room. Settled in an impressive pine forest, this giant pine (Pinus Nigra) was saved from being cut down by the grandfather of the current owner, since it already was the tallest pine of the forest back then -and we are talking about more than one hundred years ago-. The gabled ceiling that gives this room a majestic appearance is another notable characteristic of this room.

  • It has a double bed.
  • It also has an open bathtub.
  • It measures 29 m2.

ROOM OF LA CASETA DEL PA (junior suite with jacuzzi)

This room is especially privileged for having the old Casa Albets bread oven presiding over the entrance. The room has an area of ​​30.5 m2.

Perfect for special occasions, it has a Jacuzzi for two people and a great party with endless views.

  • It has a king-size double bed.
  • We also find a free hydromassage bathtub integrated in the same room.
  • It has a seating area right in front of Casa Albets’ old bread oven.
  • With privileged views from a large window that gives a beautiful light to the entire room.

ROOM L’ERMITA (junior suite with jacuzzi and terrace)

This room owes its name to a Romanesque church located on the same Albets estate. A very special place with a lot of history. The room has an area of ​​37.5 m2.

The hermitage room is the largest and most special at the Hotel Casa Albets. With all the high to enjoy an unforgettable stay.

  • It has a king-size double bed.
  • We also find a free hydromassage bathtub integrated in the same room.
  • With a cozy and bright living area, right in front of large windows that give access to the terrace.
  • With privileged views from a large window overlooking the sunset.
  • It has a private terrace.



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